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The Visitor Centre was established to present the treasures of the House of Parliament in a fitting environment. The Visitor Centre is truly a communal space, one where visitors can enjoy an educational experience while they wait in comfort surrounded by quality services.

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Actual Actual

Parliament visiting on 20th March 2019

Due to an official programme after 1.30 p.m. on 20th March 2019 the Parliamentary tour includes the Grand Stairway, the Dome Hall and the Holy Crown.

Visiting the Holy Crown

On 15th March 2019 the Parliament building is not open for visitors. Due to national holiday, on 16th March 2019 there will be an open day...

Parlament visiting on 4th March 2019

Hereby inform you that from 10:30 am on 4th March 2019 due to an official programme the Parliament building is not open for visitors.

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