This is the website for the House of Parliament Visitor Centre.

The Visitor Centre was established to present the treasures of the House of Parliament in a fitting environment. The Visitor Centre is truly a communal space, one where visitors can enjoy an educational experience while they wait in comfort surrounded by quality services.

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Summer Concerts on Kossuth Square

We present free concerts on the historic Kossuth square from May to September, 2016. During the concerts local Hungarian bands will give various musical performances. The concert programs are melodies from operettas and musicals, film music, solo pieces, romantic and classical works, as well as traditional dances...

Museum of the National Assembly cannot be visited

Please be advised that due to maintenance work from 30st May to 5th June 2016 the permanent exhibition of the Museum of the National Assembly will not be open for the visitors. Reopening is on 6th June at 9 a.m..

Tér-séta - történetek a Kossuth térről

A Kossuth tér, a téren található szobrok illetve a teret övező épületek művészet- és eseménytörténeti érdekességeinek bemutatására különleges túrát szervezünk 2016. május 29-én 14:45-kor.